Faith in God's Word

Faith in a common terms, refer to an art of believing, trusting and hoping to receive a promise made. It is common to see humans believing in themselves but find it difficult to believe in God’s word. I mean, a man made a promise to you and you believe him. But, finds it difficult to believe God. For example, the president said to you, “go to point A and wait for me”, you went and stayed there believing him. But, God said, “wait for my appointed time and I will do this and that for you”, it became a problem for you to believe. The Bible said, Abraham never stagger in unbelief for He believed God’s promise to him. Matthew 7:7; ask and ye shall receive, seek and ye shall find, knock and the door shall be opened unto you. The question is, have you been asking with patience?, can you trust God the more? and can you have faith in God’s word the more….

Receive the grace to wait on God for they that put their trust in God will never be put to shame. Enjoy your faith in God!! Shalom!

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