Breaking Evil Promises

Beloved, i am excited this morninig to announce to you that, God is breaking every evil promises made by your parent, grand-parents and your community at large. (2 kings 6:28-29). This is your set time for deliverance. It does not matter who is demanding for your head like the case of John the Baptist. But, the Lord said, surely as i live, whatever i hear you say in my hearing, that i will do. Shall the prey be taken from the mighty?. (Isaiah 49:24)The word said YES. John the Baptist refused to ask for deliverance and his enemies succeeded in killing him. I pray in the mighty name of Jesus, as you open your mouth to pray for deliverance, you shall be delivered in Jesus name. Paul and Silas prayed and they were delivered, your case is over in the mighty name of Jesus. Receive your deliverance from every ugly situation and circumstances beyond your control in Jesus name. Matthew 7:7;ask and ye shall receive in Jesus name.

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