Annoting to Finish Well

Zachariah 4:9

The hands of Jerubabbel have laid this foundation; his hands shall finish it.

Beloved, I welcome you this morning to our hour of prophetic utterance from heaven. The Lord said I should tell you that, you shall finish well. I mean, It is one thing to start and another thing to finish well. I prophesy upon your life to finish well in Jesus name. It does not matter the powers that have vowed you will not end well but what matters most is that, the God of Zerubabbel is on your side. Therefore, you shall finish well in Jesus name. Any power standing between your starting point and your finishing line is destroy right now by the power of God in Jesus name. God’s power is here to deliver and to decorate you. Get ready for His lifting and intervention this year because, you shall finish well this year in Jesus name. He who stand upon a rock is exempted from drowning. Jesus is the solid rock we stand on. Therefore, we shall end this year’s race in GLORY in Jesus mighty name. Amen! Enjoy your day!!

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